If you have any questions about the rates listed here (or about rates for a show that doesn't seem to fit into any of these categories), please don't hesitate to contact us.

Birthday Extravaganzas!

If you need entertainment to captivate and delight birthday guests, look no further than a Science Wizards Birthday Extravaganza! $135.00 for up to 10 kids, $200.00 for up to 20, and $270.00 for up to 30! These private shows are a HUGE hit!

Daycare and Kindy-Enrichment

It's never too early to learn science. That's why Captain Vic and the Science Wizards offer great day care and kindergarten enrichment classes. Programs run 40-45 minutes and start at $125.00 for a group of up to 25 kids. Add $50.00 for each additional group of up to 25 children. All hands-on materials are provided free of charge for kids and staff.

Elementary Schools - In-class or B&A Programs

With many scientific topics to choose from, Science Wizard classes are perfect for classrooms and before and after school programs! Workshops last 45-60 minutes and run at base rates of: $125.00 for a single class, $175.00 for a second class, and $225.00 for a third class.

Note: Some classes utilize hands-on materials for make-and-take-home projects. Materials are free for your staff, but an additional 50¢ charge per student will apply.

Teacher Training and Team Building

Want to get your teachers up to snuff or your staff on the same page? The Science Wizards don't just entertain, we also educate - and we know Big Kids can benefit, too. These programs start at $225.00, but are subject to change based on the number of attendees!

School Assemblies, PTO/PTA Programs, Big Events

We can do big groups, too! Whether you're looking for entertaining science programming for an assembly, your PTA group, a big family event, or even a carnival, the Science Wizards have you covered. Starting at $250.oo, we'll bring the excitement to you!

Libraries, Recreation Centers, and Churches

Wow your patrons and visitors with extraordinary science shows! Captain Vic and the Science Wizards will travel all around the Denver area to offer awesome programs through a multitude of venues. These programs start at $225.00 and can accommodate for up to 50 audience members depending on the space available.

If you are a program director, please contact us for a packet of information for your institution!