Captain Vic and the Science Wizards offer various science programs, so you're sure to find one that's right for your event. Kids of all ages (yes, even the "big kids," too) will be delighted and excited by these enriching classes.

Please contact us with any further inquiries!

"Really Cool Science" is our most requested class for all age groups. This program features a very unique frozen gas that is 141℉ colder than the ice cubes in your freezer! Learn all about dry ice and try some surprising and exciting hands-on experiments. 

Hey, big kids: Get your cameras ready - this class offers great photo opportunities from beginning to end.

Learn what it really takes to be a bubble in this crazy world! Bubble-Mania will have you going bonkers for bubbles. With a focus on teamwork and patience, this class encourages kids to work together to learn how to blow bubbles as small as marbles or as large as basketballs - and even how to blow a bubble within a bubble!


Discover Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion through a variety of demonstrations and experiments - then create cool kinetic roller coasters powered by nothing more than the force of gravity! Easy to build (even at home!), these coasters will have kids talking about Newton's discoveries for a long time to come!

"Chemistry for Kids" is our super-fun, basic chemistry program. Full of chemical experiments that border or real "magic," kids of all ages will have a blast (no pun intended!) learning all about atoms, molecules, and polymers. They even get to make their own glow in the dark slime to take home!

Air is pretty extraordinary! In this program, you'll find out how we can use the science of air to accomplish stupefying feats - like flight! We end the class by applying what we learn  to a super-cool take-home paper glider that kids can make on their own, anytime.

Great as a complement to "Vortex Wings & Super Flying Things" or as a stand-alone class, "Rocket Science for Kids" will take children into the real world of space travel. We teach in this program that the sky is not the limit! And with a little basic science and simple materials, we'll build a rocket that flies over 100 feet into the air.

Did you know that you can use science to become an artist? With a few safe, household items, a splash of creativity and a whole lot of science, kids will make beautiful, colorful creations magnificent for framing and perfect for gifts any time of year!


Do you ever wonder: What is sound? Where does sound come from? Why do we hear sounds, anyway? The Science Wizards will cover all of those questions and more in this buzz-worthy sound program!

Watch and participate in shocking experiments and demonstrations sure to spark your attention and your curiosity. In this class, kids will learn interesting facts (and myths!) all about electricity and get to take home their own static generator!

Seeing might be believing, but what you see isn't always the truth! Our eyes and minds can be tricked, and when they are, we experience optical illusions. A great introduction to the science of movie-making, this class has kids create their own simple-action motion picture machine.