Captain Vic Meisinger and his team of Science Wizards have been educating Colorado for ten years! It's been a long road, but one well worth the travel.

It Started With a Wizard...

Vic Meisinger, better known as Captain Vic throughout the Front Range, is a Denver native who loves bringing kids of all ages together with the ever-changing, always-exciting world of science. His fun "hands-on, minds-on" experiences and brain-expanding educational events are unlike any you've ever seen.

Captain Vic has developed unique presentation methods that enable kids of all ages, abilities, and learning levels to easily understand and appreciate basic scientific principles. Through creative and engaging sessions, he found that kids could easily make the transition from simple tactile play to a more critical understanding of core concepts and basic laws.

Drawing on his personal experiences as a father and proverbial "jack of all trades," Captain Vic connects with kids to illustrate the impact and importance of childhood - the things we learn early on can have enormous influence on where we go and what we do in the future.

All the while, he's having a great time showing off his favorite subject: Science!

Captain Vic was a former helicopter pilot for: The U.S. Army, local television stations 7 and 9, and St. Anthony's Flight for Life service in Denver (he was actually one of their first). He also owned two commercial helicopter charter companies in Denver and served with the Littleton City Police Department as a forensic science technician!

Captain Vic the Science Wizard/Pilot/CSI!

A Step Back in Time...

To understand the advent of Science Wizards, we'll take a little trip back through the Captain's history.

Before Vic became a teacher, he learned a very interesting skill: To fly helicopters. Early into adulthood, he became a helicopter pilot with the United States Army. See, the "Captain" thing all makes sense now, doesn't it? When his service had ended, he went home to Denver skies. There, he flew for local news stations 7 and 9 and for St. Anthony's original Flight for Life emergency services. He also had his own commercial helicopter charter companies in Denver, the busy bee. Somewhere in this flurry of vocational experience (before St. Anthony's), he served with the Littleton City Police Department as a forensic science technician, as well.

Then, as if his list of experience needed any more credit, he became a father.

Flying and fighting crime (he really was a wizard all along, wasn't he?) is a lot of fun, but it can be pretty dangerous for a dad. Upon retiring his "wings," Captain Vic decided to return to his second love: Teaching! In the military and as a civilian flight instructor, he'd already had quite a bit of experience. This time, however, he wanted to work with a different set of students.

He became a senior instructor for Mad Science for over two years, then worked for the Cherry Creek School District as a Before and After School Program assistant director. It was with Cherry Creek that Vic attained a valuable understanding of the needs and challenges faced by school programs.

In 2004, Captain Vic started his own science enrichment company. For the past 10 years, he's been providing entertaining and educational science programs to kids ages 3 to 93 in public schools, private schools, daycare centers, public libraries, at birthday parties, corporate events, Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs, and so much more.

There's no telling what the future holds, but we sure hope you'll be a part of it!